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How One Humble Piece of Cloth is Becoming a Doula’s Best Friend

An unassuming piece of cloth is having a growing impact within the birthing world and beyond these days, and is known simply as Rebozo.  It is a traditional long piece of colourful  woven cloth, worn mostly as a shawl by indigenous women in Mexico and Central America – a la Frida Kahlo. The beautiful and intricately […]

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Simple Mindfulness Tools and Practices for Mom, Dad and the Kids

You will find here some simple tools and practices that you can use with yourself and your little ones. These practices will support you in becoming less reactive and more creative as a parent and will therefore, contribute to your own feelings of well-being. Mindfulness is more than meditation. It is about being present and […]

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Blissful Breastfeeding

Have you ever checked e-mails while breastfeeding? Have you ever talked on the phone while breastfeeding? I’ve heard literally hundreds of stories about what moms do while naturally nourishing their little one. From watching television to writing their grocery list all the way to vacuuming or making dinner. It seems as though we spend such […]

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Body Confidence For Moms- How To Find Yours

Having body confidence after giving birth doesn’t come easy. It requires emotional adjustments as well as physical ones; your body feels different, and looks different. So, how do you heal, restore and learn to love your body? How do you balance the self-love mantra to embrace it, tiger-stripe stretch marks, extra skin and all with […]