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Women take better care of themselves when they are pregnant than at any other time during their life – why is that? Why does self-care generally begin and end with pregnancy? It is important to understand and anticipate the changes your body, mind and spirit will experience after birth. Because of this need, Maternal Goddess was founded to shine light on the fourth trimester and support women in their journey to motherhood.

      • Maternal Goddess is an organization dedicated to educating, supporting and preparing mothers and the people who love them for the changes and challenges women experience postbirth.
      • Maternal Goddess is an online platform where people can learn, share and experience a supportive community dedicated to preparing mothers and families for postnatal recovery. We are here to assist you to better understand a mom’s journey into motherhood.
      • Each member of this organization is committed in contributing researched based information so that you are able to make informed decisions with the choices available.
      • Each of our contributors are industry professionals with a focus on all things pre, peri and postnatal.

Join us on this journey to bring light, love and awareness to the issues that are more often than not overlooked or non-existent when becoming a mother.

A letter from our founder:


Welcome to a community designed to support you in your recovery,

We are grateful you have chosen to share your journey with us and are dedicated to supporting you along the way. Although this resource was born out of my personal experience the quick realization that my experience was not unique has been the motivating factor to make a change.

In pregnancy most women describe a sense of confidence with all the research and planning done in advance in preparation for motherhood. In recovery however, most are faced with a lot of challenges and surprises for which we do not anticipated or for which we are unprepared. Even with tremendous reading, research, classes and conversations, in retrospect most of us do not fully understand what is going to happen physically and or emotionally post birth. During a quest for truth postpartum I discovered a lot of women (including those with multiple children) let alone families are not aware a lot of common occurrences in recovery. With the generous amount of information surrounding pregnancy, birth and baby the resources relating to recovery were scarce and scattered. In reaching out and speaking with childbirth educators, mothers and industry professionals there was a huge realization for the strong need of a comprehensive community to inform women and their families about what to expect post birth and the proactive steps to a healthy recovery.

Because of this need, a comprehensive resource center was created where women and their support system can learn about the postnatal recovery process. Today, we are grateful to have a team of industry experts who contribute their time to educate people on the importance of different aspects of recovery and passionate volunteers who believe in the mission to make this information common knowledge.

By addressing the very basic to complex aspects of recovery post birth, we aim to dispel myths and shed light on existing, new and emerging advances in postnatal maternal health. Our goal is to provide you with the tools required to make informed decisions and be better prepared for your postpartum experience in a healthy and realistic way. We encourage you to educate yourself, ask questions, engage in conversation and spread the word! Together we will shift the culture surrounding postnatal recovery and make this a universal topic of discussion.
In Strength and Health,
Maternal Goddess Nadine Woods

Nadine M Woods



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Organizational Contributors

Nadine Woods
Founder &
Executive Director

Sean Myers
Men’s Division

Iatasha Bachelor

Salima Panjwani

Rawshan Alam
Social Media

Esther Kim

Nesreen Hajjar


Leading Contributors

Kiera Wetherup

Pelvic Organ
Prolapse Support

Maya Hammer


Pre & Postnatal
Exercise Specialist

Isabelle Moreau
Meditation Coach

Wendy Powell
Fitness Expert
Dr. Kristi Prince
Kim Vopni


Supporting Contributors

Kate Rita
Fitness Trainer

Julia Di Paolo
Pelvic Floor

Dr. Kristina Bosnar
Chiropractor Focus
on Perinatal and
Pediatric Care

Lianne Phillipson-Webb

Rachel Smith
Pilates Teacher

Shawn Gallagher
Board Certified
Childbirth Hypnotist

Dorothy Guerra
Yoga Birth Method

Pam Soltesz
Trained Infant

Rebecca Bedford


Contributing Sponsors

Our community sponsors are industry experts with professional and practical experience in their field. Every expert is selected to compliment the message of our existing contributors and are passionate about advancing postnatal maternal health.


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