Seminars & Workshops

Get close and personal with our speakers as they do a deep dive into the topics covered throughout the day. Join us as we offer practical ways to engage with the material learned and walk away with the tools you need for long term, sustainable health.



Seminar 1A – 40 mins

Are you struggling with weight loss 0-10+ years post partum, let Samantha show you myths, tips and facts about loosing weight after having children. Men this applies to you too, your assistance and understanding of what her limitations are post birth will help significantly with healing.  If you have a diastasis you need to know this information too!

Getting your “body back” after birth – Samantha Montpetit-Huynh
Presented by:  Samantha Montpetit-Huynh
Samantha Boot Camp

With the raising trends in mommy bootcamps, crossfit and other intense exercise regimes, it’s no wonder that moms feel the pressure to get their “pre-baby bodies back”.  Everywhere you look you see selfies on Instagram and Facebook of women who look like they walked out of the hospital with a six pack. Interestingly enough, we miss all the (majority) of women who look and feel, just like us Pregnancy, birth and recovery is not the time to “train” for anything but the healthiest and most functional outcome. Postpartum is about appreciating what your body has just done, recovering and restoring from the inside out with the correct restorative exercises so when you are easy to train for that first 5K, you are truly ready.



Seminar 1B – 40 mins

Having a baby can throw you body’s stability off, did you know that your shoes, posture and activity level all have an impact on your ability to to live pain free?  Learn how to prevent muscular and skeletal disfunction and how your alignment can actually be an obstacle to your fitness goals with this eye opening seminar


What’s Alignment Got To Do With It: Howyour shoes are preventing you from getting the abs you want and the pelvic floor you need.
Presented by: Wendy PowellMuTu System Alignment

A highly informative and hugely practical workshop giving you the strategies and stretches you can start using right away to get flatter abs, a more functional pelvic floor and even a perkier butt. Solutions for pelvic floor and core health are often focussed on isolated exercises that are absent from our consciousness unless we’re literally in class doing them. But your shoes, your workstation, your car, and even the way walk, stand, sit and lift every single day is making or breaking your core’s ability to heal! Wendy explains how and why it matters, whilst giving you the adjustments you can make immediately to how your body works every day. This workshop will empower you to get stronger and more functional with small adjustments to the way you live and move on a daily basis. Powerful, effective and enlightening, you’ll never stand in line at the grocery store in quite the same way again!



Seminar 2A – 40 mins

Are you missing life because you are overwhelmed or too busy? Having a family, juggling work,life, relationship balance can be a challenge.  Learn to practice mindfulness with Dr. Jennifer Hirsch and enjoy what you are missing!

Mindfulness in Practice

Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Hirsch



Mindfulness-Based Therapy is typically taught in a group setting, using meditative practice and related exercises to help you develop and cultivate new and more adaptive relationships to yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your impulses, and your experiences. You can learn to observe your thoughts and feelings without being controlled by them, and to respond more effectively. This approach takes time, practice, patience and openness.  In this workshop we will discuss the way that a mindful approach can help you act more skillfully during times of distress and be more open to the present moment.  We will practice a guided meditation to allow for an experiential to complement the discussion.



Seminar 2B – 40 mins

Did you know 1 in 3 people experience pelvic floor issues in their lifetime?  Incontinence with age is not normal?  Your pelvic floor is directly related sexual health? A healthy pelvic floor is related to a flatter tummy?  Get familiar with the organs that keep you fit, continent and sexually satisfied with Julia Di Paolo.

The Pelvic Floor

Presented by: Julia Di Paolo


Do things just not “feel right” down there? Are your symptoms being brushed aside because you had a baby? Pelvic Floor dysfunction is not normal, at any age or any stage, and more importantly there are treatments that work and do not involve surgery! And we are not just talking kegels here…

The Pelvic Floor is getting a lot of press lately, but do you really know what or even where it is? Delve into the deep dark cave to uncover what it really looks like and what it really does. The Pelvic Floor has many roles and when something goes wrong it can go really wrong, especially after having a baby. Learn about pelvic floor dysfunction such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and dyspareunia (big word for pain during sex), and their effect on your body, your ability to exercise and your relationship. Julia, a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, will discuss signs that you should not ignore and what to do about them…and the answers will surprise you! OH and Men have pelvises too, so pay attention guys, this applies to you in more ways that one!

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