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Body Confidence For Moms- How To Find Yours

Having body confidence after giving birth doesn’t come easy. It requires emotional adjustments as well as physical ones; your body feels different, and looks different. So, how do you heal, restore and learn to love your body? How do you balance the self-love mantra to embrace it, tiger-stripe stretch marks, extra skin and all with […]

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Selecting Safe and Effective Exercises Postpartum

Exercising after giving birth is necessary to rehabilitate the postnatal body and strengthen key areas that support the demands of motherhood: The upper back must be strengthened to support breastfeeding. The chest needs to be stretched. The gluteal muscles need to be strengthened to improve and recover pelvic stability control. Pelvic stability muscles such as […]

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Returning to Work and Breastfeeding

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! This is truly one of my favourite weeks of the year – a time to celebrate moms world wide and their commitment to breastfeeding! This year’s World Breastfeeding Week coordinated by WABA placed an emphasis on supporting women in combining work and breastfeeding – the right to claim her and baby’s right to […]

Breastfeeding I'm Pregnant What to Expect

Tongue-Tie (Ankyloglossia) and Its Treatments

Breastfeeding and Tongue-ties: Tongue-tie or Ankyloglossia is a condition in which the bottom of the tongue is tethered or attached to the floor of the mouth by a membrane or frenulum. This frenulum can restrict the movement of the tongue and cause problems for a baby and mother by significantly affecting breastfeeding. Tongue-tie limits the […]