Looking At Love Through A Different Lense

In many contexts today, love is associated with an external circumstance, an emotion that exists based off of a feeling that is demonstrated towards or received from another.  Unfortunately some of our biggest influences, media and society , do not serve as best examples with the focus targeted on searching for love.  How can we loose something we already have?  In reality, love manifests itself in many forms. It is a powerful force that exists everywhere and recognizing this force in different circumstances opens us up to experiencing love in ways we might not have noticed or considered.  Here are some ways to explore existing aspects of love in your life…

Loving the Self

The Finer Things…

Who comes first? You do!  So why not treat yourself that way.  Do you wait for others to do/buy things you desire?  Do you feel guilty when passing by something you want or taking a moment for yourself to relax?  Feeling guilty about doing something wonderful is a habit that has been created by the internal feeling that you are not important and deserving.  Take yourself out to lunch, go for a stroll at the market, read a book in a local coffee shop, buy yourself flowers or wine – do you!

“Teach people how to treat you”

Remember the old saying “you teach people how to treat you”. Actions speak louder than words so treat yourself with love and respect. The key word here is accountability- this means know your worth!  Standing up for yourself is not only empowering but has positive affects on your interactions with those around you.

Inner Dialogue

What does your internal dialogue sound like? Do you hear yourself when you speak out loud about yourself? Have you noticed how you speak to yourself when making decisions?  If not, pay attention! It always begins within. Pretty much all of your experiences are a result of what you think so if you think you can’t and talk like you won’t then guess what happens…Even if your experience turns out to be positive, how different would you feel during the process if the words and thoughts getting you to that point were encouraging?

Loving the Experience


What is there to be grateful for? EVERYTHING! Gratitude opens up this beautiful space inside of yourself where you can remain present. Things don’t seem so bad when we’re in a funk if we shift our thinking to something positive. When we start to think of all the things that are a blessing in our life, suddenly things don’t seem so bad after all and even better all of a sudden we begin to appreciate the presence of people and circumstances that were once unnoticed.

Loving Others


Love extends beyond ourselves. After all, we learn most about who we are by being in relationships with others. Everyone in our life is a teacher, teaching us every day how to care, love, respect and appreciate each other and ourselves. So remember your child, pet, friend, family member or stranger! Paying it forward is a reflection of your heart and your openess to receiving that wonderful energy.  Also remember the golden rule: do to other what you would have them do to you. If everyone in your life is a teacher then you also affect the lives of others and “treat others how you would like to be treated.”

Open Your Heart

Letting past experiences influence your decision to move forward can be debilitating. However, the benefits of taking a chance far out weigh the risks. Vulnerability is scary so having the courage to heal yourself is a personal journey that can be very challenging but refusing to move forward gives too much power to a person or experience. It’s also a great way to keep you longing for yesterday and missing out on today!

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

When challenging our  traditional perception of love through different lenses, it can enhance our experiences and open us up to a of life of love that will extend beyond what you could have imagined for yourself . What we end up realizing when it’s all said and done is that love exists in everything and everyone!

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Nadine M. Woods
Nadine M. Woods' postnatal experience has inspired the education and awareness philosophy of the Maternal Goddess Organization. As a communications professional, combined with her search for information post birth, she now dedicates herself to enhancing the culture surrounding postnatal maternal health. With a focus on the woman’s experience of motherhood, Nadine is a strong advocate of understanding the recovery period in a healthy and realistic way. By connecting women to important resources, she believes a well-prepared supportive family, creates a strong mother whose impact extends to a deeper connection with herself as a woman, her children and her partner. Nadine is also the founder and head designer for Mayana Genevière Inc. A socially responsible intimate apparel lifestyle brand dedicated to embracing the beauty of postnatal recovery.
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