Parenting in The City

Raising a family in the city is a gift to be celebrated!  We are literally steps away from events, amenities and convenience. However, sometimes the busy atmosphere of city life can appear overwhelming. Creating a healthy routine from within your family dynamic will provide you with some zen amongst city excitement.

1. Scheduling is King

Children thrive in stability and the truth is we do too. It helps maximize productivity and minimize chaos, creating a healthy home environment. Weekdays can be a challenge with morning routines and after school family duties. Try to keep hours consistent. Front loading chores at the beginning of the week such as cleaning or cooking prep in advance may seem difficult but will save time during the week.

2. Set boundaries

Bathing, sleeping and eating are necessities to well-being. The beginning stages of a family can be a whirlwind, getting through any one of those previously taken for granted activities, can feel like an accomplishment. Meal time together is a great way to connect with the family as a whole and create healthy relationships and communication that will benefit through later years. Children have different recommended hours of sleep required based on their age. For them to perform at their best cognitively and developmentally, try to curb late bedtime habits. Consider adhering to a reasonable bedtime hour, this will also give you time to unwind and spend time with yourself or significant other, a win-win for everyone.

3. Me time is We time

Taking time for yourself benefits everyone, period.  Sometimes you need a moment to reconnect with yourself or just regain your sanity! Schedule “me time” whether that be reading, taking a class, working out/going for a walk or reconnecting with a friend. Having a date night with your significant other, if applicable, is important to keep your relationship healthy. Either way, taking care of yourself teaches your children you are important as an individual outside of your parental duties. These efforts do not need to be grandiose in the early stages, even heading to the grocery store solo can feel like a vacation, get creative!

Can you have it all?

That’s up to you! We prioritize ourselves with things that matter. If you had no excuses what would you do? Sometimes it’s easier to give into habit than to put in the work required to get on schedule – be gentle to yourself. Tackle the things you feel will make your life healthier and happier and let go of the things you can live with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; support is paramount. Remember it takes a village!

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Nadine M. Woods
Nadine M. Woods' postnatal experience has inspired the education and awareness philosophy of the Maternal Goddess Organization. As a communications professional, combined with her search for information post birth, she now dedicates herself to enhancing the culture surrounding postnatal maternal health. With a focus on the woman’s experience of motherhood, Nadine is a strong advocate of understanding the recovery period in a healthy and realistic way. By connecting women to important resources, she believes a well-prepared supportive family, creates a strong mother whose impact extends to a deeper connection with herself as a woman, her children and her partner. Nadine is also the founder and head designer for Mayana Genevière Inc. A socially responsible intimate apparel lifestyle brand dedicated to embracing the beauty of postnatal recovery.
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