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Being a mom requires a ton of energy. Being the mom running in the park with kids, playing hide-and-seek and doing the many pickups at friend’s houses, all the while building a business, enjoying time with the husband, having fun with friends and self-indulging. The truth is, in order to be engaged, you need to optimize your own energy. Raising your own energy by a couple of notches will make a world of difference in your family life, your kids’ lives and your own.

Your physical energy levels are mainly determined by what you eat, drink, and how you supplement as well as your exercise routine. Eating for energy is very different from normal eating. Everything we eat has an energy of its own and its vibration can be measured. The higher the vibration the higher the energy.

When it comes to supplements, most of what is sold in our drug stores, grocery stores or big retailers has very poor quality and a low vibration. The best supplements to take are the ones that are manufactured with the strictest standards (pharmaceutical standards), preferably in North America, by a company dedicated to the continuous improvement of its products with a focus on research and development.

The intention behind the creation of anything, including supplements, also impacts the energy it carries. Supplements created with a bottom-line intention first will be different from a supplement created to truly improve people’s lives. Doing research in this field is important. You can check out the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements that rates the quality of over 1,500 products to help you make an informed choice.

Someone once said, “It’s not what you do once in a while that matters, it’s what you do most of the time.” Bottom line, choose foods that energize you, indulge once in a while (because pleasure is good for you) and make sure that you take high quality supplements daily.

In order for exercise to truly raise your energy you need to choose an activity you love. A simple brisk walk can be extremely energizing, as can a yoga class. Exercising for energy means you exercise regularly and consciously. Find your formula for success and enjoy your body for its amazing abilities.

Your thoughts also impact your level of energy in ways you may not realize. Each thought you have has a specific vibration. With muscle testing we can clearly see the body weaken when we think a lower vibration thought. With nourishing thoughts your body is strong. With limited thinking, your body weakens. This is when you realize you really are stronger than you think because you can always improve your thinking. The work of Esther Hicks and Louise Hay will help in choosing thoughts to raise your energy.

All of us have access to a source of unlimited energy and potential. Investing in rituals that will help you tap into this field of energy will make the most difference in your energy levels. Have you noticed that there have been times when you felt very tired, perhaps even exhausted, and something came over you in the midst of an activity or a conversation and you totally forgot about being tired? Do you found yourself full of aliveness and energy? What happened there? You were so in your element, in the flow that you accessed a great source of unlimited energy without trying! The thing is, it’s always accessible for everyone, but some people just don’t know how to tap into it regularly. Meditation is a tool to gain access to this place. An easy way to get started with meditation is to join one of the 21-day meditation challenges from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey.

When it comes to having great energy the slightest change you make in your nutrition, exercise routine, supplementation, thinking and spiritual practice such as meditation will really make a difference. Begin to make changes today and find a whole new level of vitality in your life.

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Isabelle Moreau
Isabelle Moreau is a wellness coach that is passionate about informing, inspiring and supporting positive change in women’s lives towards greater physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through coaching and meditation programs, workshops and presentations. During Isabelle’s second pregnancy she developed Meditation for Pregnancy, a program that supported her to have a healthy pregnancy, easy and mindful delivery as well as an empowered and loving approach to parenting. She wants every woman to know herself to be the heart inspiring the creative progress of humankind. Isabelle’s Motto: “Your journey to wellbeing starts within.”
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