Restoring Your Body’s Energy Flow

Bio-Energy Healing – a tool for alleviating postpartum stress

Life can sometimes be overwhelming.  The physical and emotional stress that we undergo on a daily basis can often leave us feeling drained of energy.   Sabrina Tosi-Creet, Ontario’s first certified Bio-Energy healer, would describe this state as having a blockage in our body’s energy system.  Maternal Goddess spoke to Tosi-Creet about Bio-Energy and its healing process.

With over a decade of studying and teaching yoga, Tosi-Creet discovered Bio-Energy. As a yoga practitioner, she was already aware of the importance of the energy that flows through our body’s chakras, so it felt like the natural next step to add Bio-Energy healing to her arsenal of tools to help her clients.   She studied with Michael D’Alton, the founder of the Bio-Energy Healing Association of Ireland and who is currently an instructor in Vancouver, and Tosi-Creet is now a level four practitioner and trainer. From her practice in downtown Toronto, she treats clients with a wide range of symptoms; and has seen strong results in clients suffering from everything from migraines and lower back pain, to postpartum depression and even more chronic diseases.

Bio-Energy healing isn’t a new practice.  In fact, it dates back thousands of years and has been referred to as Prana or Chi in different cultures.  Prana or Chi are references to the body’s energy system rather than Bio Energy Healing itself. The concept of an energy system being at the core of the body’s health or vitality is thousands of years old.

“The idea of Bio-Energy has been around for thousands of years and has appeared across many different cultures.  In Chinese it’s called Chi, in India they call it Prana. Every living thing is surrounded by, and filled with, this life force we refer to as the body’s Bio-Energy,” Tosi-Creet points out.

Simply put, Bio-Energy healing re-balances the body’s energy field. Practitioners learn a number of methods used to balance this life-force energy field, and unblock any blockages that may be causing illness.

“Sometimes, because of the way life is, we can become stressed. We can get physical, emotional or spiritual stress. All of these types of stress disrupt the body’s natural energy flow and, if recurring, result in more permanent blockages that we feel through symptoms like back ache, depression or anxiety. The practitioner of bio-energy identifies where the blockage is in the person’s body and removes these blocks out of the energy system,” Tosi-Creet elaborates.

In her practice, Tosi-Creet meets with many women who have recently given birth.  They come with a myriad of symptoms, the most common being lower back pain, sciatica, and postpartum blues or depression.  

In addition to having to care for a newborn, Tosi-Creet has seen how new mothers can get so caught up in what’s expected from them. “They have to be a wife, a mother, a business woman, a homemaker and a hundred other roles…” The pressure caused by living up to these expectations can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety, and consequently blockages in their energy system.  

After the healing sessions, Toss-Creet claims, “Bio-energy can help relieve that pressure you feel after the baby is born. You’ll feel more at peace. You’ll feel better. Even the baby receives the good energy [from the mother]. From what I’ve heard from my clients [they describe] a sense of release, removing the pressure from their shoulders. [And] a sense of well-being.”    

What can we expect from a healing session? “The first session varies for everybody,” Tosi-Creet explains. “There are people that are more sensitive than others. In the first session you can feel heat in your hands, sometimes all over your body. You might sweat. You may feel yourself moving back and forth. You can feel that I’m touching you, but I’m not really touching people, I’m just moving my hands around them.”

And it doesn’t simply end with the session. The healing process continues. “You heal yourself with what you eat. You heal yourself with your thoughts.  What are you doing to make yourself better? What is it you’re thinking?”

When asked if there is anything one should do to follow up on the healing session, Tosi-Creet advises client to focus on their thoughts. “Most people don’t know what they’re thinking. They’re living a dream life, like a robot… automatic.  [But] if we spend five minutes of our day thinking what is it that we really want, what is it that we’re thinking in our heads, and really start paying attention to that we’ll be amazed,” she continues to explain.

Tosi-Creet makes it clear that Bio-Energy healing is primarily to clear the blockages in a body’s energy system.

“I don’t heal anybody. You heal yourself.   I just remove the blockage,” she explains. “Once you remove the blockage from the energy system, the body – as we know – has an amazing ability to heal itself. Amazing.  The energy starts flowing.”


Sabrina Tosi-Creet spent years studying with Michael D’Alton and working on her healing techniques. She is now a level four Bio Energy practitioner, treating clients suffering from a wide range of symptoms and she regularly assists Micheal D’Alton in training up and coming practitioners. Sabrina can be contacted at 


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