Did you know?

  • A study looked at 227 new mothers and found that 40% of new mothers are mildly dissatisfied with their weight
  • Studies show that diastasis recti abdominis may affect approximately 30-70% of pregnant women and that the separation of the two rectus abdominis muscles may remain separated after birth in 35 – 60% of women
  • 50% of women who have children will experience pelvic organ prolapse in their life

Exercise bootcamp, crunches and Kegels are not for everyone.  This session  will get to the bottom of understanding the physical changes postpartum, before delivery and the effects that can last 20+ years beyond.  You will receive the tools required to recognize signs & symptoms of physical changes and how to rectify them at any stage. We will also speak to which exercises and activities mothers should do and avoid from weeks post birth to 20+ years postpartum.  Learn how the pelvic floor and diastasis recti affects both women & men and how to work together to heal from the inside out!


Wendy Powell Maternal GoddessWENDY POWELL – Postpartum Fitness Expert – KEYNOTE SPEAKER
FOUNDER of Mutu Mamas
M12512329_1600506413319813_2792536186717974655_naternal Goddess Contributor

Wendy is the creator and founder of the medically endorsed MuTu® System Programs. She has extensive coaching experience in this specialist area and has worked personally with hundreds, and ‘virtually’ with many thousands, of pregnant women and new moms around the world.



Samantha Montpetit-Huynh Maternal Goddess SAMANTHA MONTPETIT-HUYHN – Pre and Postnatal Fitness Expert
CO-FOUNDER of Bellies Inc.
M12512329_1600506413319813_2792536186717974655_naternal Goddess Contributor

Samantha specializes in pre & postnatal exercise training for busy moms with little time. Over the years she has helped numerous women maintain strength and energy during their pregnancies and supported them through challenging postpartum periods. Her patience, understanding and empathy are an integral part of her client relationships and what makes her stand out above the rest.



Julia Di Poalo Maternal GoddessJULIA DI-PAOLO – Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
FOUNDER of PhysioExcellence Co-Founder Bellies Inc.
M12512329_1600506413319813_2792536186717974655_naternal Goddess Contributor

Julia Di Paolo is a Registered Physiotherapist and certified Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, with a special interest in women’s health and has developed a treatment and exercise program for diastasis recti abdominis and pelvic floor dysfunction such as incontinence and prolapse. Julia is also the co-founder of Bellies Inc.




Did you know?

  • Research has found that within 3 years of the birth of a child, approximately 2/3rd of couples experience a significant drop in their relationship quality
  • 41-83% of new mothers report experiencing a loss of desire to engage in sexual intercourse or activity up to one year following delivery

Childbearing years are the most stressful times on relationships and may lead to breakdown. This session explores the effects of having a family coupled with the physical changes that mothers have experienced and how to enhance the intimacy and reconnect with their partner. You will learn about the main causes of relationship strain and how to overcome the challenges parents and couples face with sex and intimacy after children.


Rhonda Katz Maternal Goddess

RHONDA KATZ –  Psychotherapist, consultant, speaker, columnist and broadcaster.

RHONDA KATZ, M.Ed. spent over 36 years as an individual, couple and family psychotherapist, frequent keynote speaker and broadcaster. Her past radio shows included, “Help Me Rhonda” CFRB/Mix99; “11:00 Sex Talk” Energy108.
Famous for getting Sue Johansen (Sex With Sue) her radio job, Rhonda specialized in sexuality and personal growth making numerous television appearances for over 3 decades. Two years ago Rhonda retired from private psychotherapy but continues facilitating  speaking engagements and workshops in mental health. As an AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) Art Docent for over 21 years, Rhonda recently began consulting in art education and acquisition.


CAROL ANNE AUSTIN MA, M.Ed., RP Registered Psychotherapist & Couples Counsellor
Specialization in sexual health at KMA Therapy in Toronto

A talented and engaging speaker, Austin has experience providing counselling and education in matters of sexual and reproductive health in various community settings and media appearances. Carol Anne believes that a sex positive point of view is of key importance when working with individuals & couples, to take the shame, blame, guilt and anxiety out of our sexuality and move towards empowerment, pleasure and pride!



DR. ANDREW HOWLETT – Psychiatrist, Founder of the Fathers’ Mental Heal Network

Dr. Howlett is a psychiatrist in the Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Program at SJHC where he also works as an educator, administrator and researcher. Dr. Howlett’s evolving area of interest is Fathers’/Men’s Mental Health. He is the founder of the Fathers’ Mental Health Network, and the creator of the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Project, a campaign to engage men in talking about their health. Dr. Howlett is the first to provide a Fathers’ Mental Health Consultation and Treatment Program in Canada. His research includes testing novel interventions aiming to prevent depression in new fathers as well as psychotherapeutic treatments for couples with postpartum depression. Andrew lives with his wife and son in Toronto.



Did you know?

  • Researchers have found that lower levels of spirituality were associated with increased depressive symptoms in the first 6 months after childbirth
  • A study by a Canadian meditation expert, also a cognitive psychologist and depression specialist at CAMH, has shown meditation to be as effective as antidepressant medication in preventing a depression relapse
  • The Canadian Mental Health Association reported that postpartum depression affects 8-12% of mothers – not only first-time mothers, but also adoptive mothers and mothers who have already had children.

Learn how to embrace and celebrate the next phase of your life. This session will provide you with the knowledge to recognize the signs of postpartum depression and baby blues in mothers and fathers that may manifest up to two years after giving birth. They will learn how to recognize and reconnect with themselves as well as participate in self-care without feeling guilty or resentful.


Dorothy Guerra Maternal Goddess

DOROTHY GUERRA RYT, RPYT, CCBE, CCLD Doula and pre/post yoga educator 
FOUNDER of The Yoga Network Canada and Author of the Yoga Birth Method
M12512329_1600506413319813_2792536186717974655_naternal Goddess Contributor

Dorothy is the author of The Yoga Birth Method-Step by Step Guide to Natural Childbirth. She is also a yoga instructor, the director and founder of Rebirth the World One Village at a Time, the director of Yoga Network of Canada and organization that registers yoga teachers across Canada, a certified labor doula, and also specializes in fertility management where she supports couples undergoing treatments with fertility clinics in Ontario.


Jennifer Hirsch Maternal Goddess

Dr Jennifer Hirsch, MD FRCPC
Sleep Medicine Specialist – MedSleep (Toronto Sleep Institute)
Psychiatrist, Reproductive Mental Health (Mount Sinai Hospital)
Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

At the Toronto Sleep Institute, Dr Hirsch sees a wide range of sleep disorders including: insomnia, hypersomlenence, sleep-related breathing and movement disorders.  In addition, she works as a Reproductive Psychiatrist, managing patients with mental illness both during pregnancy and post-partum.  Dr Hirsch runs the Perinatal Mindfulness Meditation program at Mount Sinai Hospital and practices Interpersonal Psychotherapy.  Lastly, Dr Hirsch works and supervises resident-trainees in the Emergency Department at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

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